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This ceremonial grade cacao is made from 100% high quality pure organic cacao beans from our fertile forest farms. The beans are fermented in small batches, hand peeled, ground into a paste and formed into blocks. This process ensures that the bean retains all its nutrients and activates its healthy  fat content.

Cacao is known as a source of energy and to be high in antioxidants. It is known to be rich in magnesium, supporting heart health, relaxing muscles and nervous system and supporting optimal brain health.

Cacao was revered as sacred food for the body, spirit, mind and heart by the ancient Misoamerican cultures dating back to over 4000 years ago. It was used as a prized drink in rituals, ceremonies, feasts and festivals, and hence came to be termed as ceremonial cacao.

Ignite the spirit of the cacao; the spirit of air, fire, earth and water.

Drink to meditate,
Drink to thank
For what I have,
For what I am,
For what I need

To experience Ceremonial Cacao yourself  please read our blog post.

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Weight 250 g

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