Ceremonial Cacao Recipe

A step-by-step guide on how to make a Ceremonial Cacao drink. This a popular ceremonial cacao recipe including a list of ingredients and two different methods of preparing ceremonial cacao to drink. Enjoy!

You will need:

∞ 30 grams of Organic life Ceremonial Cacao (this is a recommended ceremonial dose for one person)

∞ Pinch of Celtic Sea Salt

∞ Half a teaspoon of Organic life cinnamon

∞ Organic life Coconut Cream

∞ Clean filtered drinking water (boiled or cold, or both, depending on which method you use)

Other ingredients you may like to add or try:

∞ A sweetener, Organic life coconut sugar is recommended


Preparing for a sacred ceremony, pot and stove top

  1. Into your pot, add a cup of filtered water, a heaped tablespoon of coconut cream and begin to heat gently on a low to medium heat, you do not want your pot to be boiling at any time during preparation
  2. Once coconut cream has melted add the rest of your ingredients, ceremonial cacao, pinch of salt, cinnamon and any other ingredient that feel good for you, stir and heat slowly
  3. Continue heating and stirring until all is combined, and heated well through, you may like to use a whisk to add some air into the cacao or whizz it up with a stick blender once you have it off the stove to create a creamier consistency
  4. Pour into mug and enjoy

Organic Earl Grey Iced Tea

It’s summer and the season for al fresco luncheons and picnics. We all love to enjoy some sunshine, fresh air and nothing better than a refreshing tall glass of organic iced tea.

We thought we would share our signature Borough Market iced tea recipe with you. This delicious tea is served zesty with a slice of lemon and topped off with a sprig of mint. Whether it is about impressing your guests or just treating yourself, this recipe serves the call.

We love to cold brew our iced teas. Cold brewing the tea adds smoothness and reduces astringency, thus rendering better flavor and texture. The taste is completely different to when hot brewed. We leave the tea leaves to sit overnight in room temperature filtered water.

The downside of cold brewed iced tea is of course that it needs to be planned a day ahead!


Our Earl Grey Ice Tea is made of high grown UVA Ceylon Organic Earl Grey tea from our Greenfield Estate. Below is the recipe to make a perfect glass of our signature Earl Grey Ice Tea served over summer at Borough Market.

Serves 8


8 cups of filtered water room temperature

10 Greenfield Farm Organic Life Earl Grey Tea bags with tags cut off

8 tsp Greenfield Farm Organic Life wild honey or Greenfield Farm Organic Life Coconut Sugar or sweeten to taste

1 lemon sliced

few sprigs of mint to decorate



Brew 10 teabags of Organic Life Earl Grey in freshly drawn filtered water in a jar or pitcher. The pitcher could be covered with a cloth. You can let this sit in the refrigerator overnight (minimum 8 hours).

Removed teabags.

Sweeten with 8 teaspoons of  Greenfield Farm Organic Life Honey or Greenfield Farm Organic Life coconut sugar.

Squeeze the juice of 1 lemon

Serve in tall glasses with ice cubes.

Garnish with fresh mint and slices of lemon.